How to Bring items into shop..

Our Business Hours are 10 to 6pm Monday thru Saturday

Consignments accepted Mon – Thursday 10 to 6pm

Friday and Saturday Consignments accepted by appointment Only

  1. Make two piles as you are cleaning your closets. helpful Question: “Would I buy this as a Customer?” Yes…bring it to us. NO…please put it in your Donation pile.
  2. PLEASE lay items FLAT in a laundry basket or Tub. NO Hangers. We will Pass if wrinkled in a trash bag. FIRM. The BEST shape of your items bring the BEST PRICE for YOU. items must be in LIKE-NEW condition. Shoes must be Dust free…Ready to Wear..

“Bargain Lady” crew will go through your items and keep what we think will sell for you. We pass on some  nice things at times but it is our customers that set our standards on what they Buy. We do not mean to offend anyone, at anytime.

You MUST stay until we have gone through your items so you can take back what we can not use.

We are VERY busy and VERY short on space.


50% Handbags, shoes, belts & coats and all clothing

60% items priced over $100

$15 ironing Fee If Items are too wrinkled

Items are priced approx. 1/3 to 1/2 of Retail

Full price for 2 weeks and then reduced 10% to 50% to Help Sell before they expire in the 60 day Term.

Your great items usually sell before this point.

Items Must be..


Wrinkle FREE



It takes ALOT of work from my crew to keep this store the best it can be for you. Please be courteous to them. I can not do this business with out a great crew! Get to Know them! They are alot of help to you. They will help you find items, mix and match, look up info on your account, etc.

We keep your items for 60 days. After 20 years in business, we have found that if items have not sold within 60 days with mark-downs they are not going to and we want to replace them with something new for our customers to look at!

“Bargain Lady” gives back and helps our community through out the year as the need comes up. We feel this is an honor and am very proud to support our community.

We do our very best to display and advertise your items so that they sell but you consign at your own risk.

  • The consignment period is 60 days. We have scheduled markdowns and special sales to help move our inventory.

Early withdrawal of items if not permitted.

Stop in anytime for the money we owe you!

You may also use your money towards credit for store purchases. If you choose to reclaim unsold items after your  60 day consignment period it is your responsibility to pull them from the sales floor. We do not pull them for you but can assist you with a list of remaining items.  If we do not hear from you, items become the property of the store and may be donated.

  • Accounts that remain inactive for one year will be closed and all money due will become the property of the store.
  • All holiday items expire the Day after their holiday, regardless of when consigned.

“Bargain Lady”  is Not Responsible for theft, fire or any other casualty.

We price to SELL we do not get rich off consigning but we try to regroup some of your “Hard-earned Money” that you spend on your family clothing.

CONSIGNMENT is like having a Yard Sale but WE do all the WORK!

Plus your items are displayed for 60 days for hundreds of customers instead of one to two days in your front yard!

We appreciate your business very much!

Together we are an asset to Ardmore America!!